Direct Primary Care Mebane

Affordable Care that Isn’t Rushed

No Copay. Unlimited Same Day or Next Day Appointments, 45 minute visits

What Is Direct Primary Care Mebane?

Direct Primary Care is a new way of offering health care to patients. It is a membership based model where members pay a fixed, monthly fee to receive unlimited same day or next day access to their Primary Care provider. Not what your used to? It is actually better, like your gym membership, or Netflix. For a low monthly fee you get unlimited appointments and easy quick access to Helen Tackitt whenever you need. Even if you do not have insurance. We provide primary care services for ages 8 and up, for individuals and families. We also offer acute care and chronic disease management, as well as cancer survivorship care, kidney stone prevention, chronic UTIs and urinary incontinence. Our goal is not to just help you when you are sick, we want to get you on track to be as healthy as can be. Does your current provider do that for you?

Unlimited Appointments

We do not charge you a Co-Pay, so you can come see us as often as you like. In fact we encourage it.

Our Cost On Prescriptions

We help you get discounts on many prescription medications, through pharmacies and sometimes the manufacturer.

Savings on Labs and Imaging

We would love to do everything in our office, but sometimes you are going to need labs and imaging. We have already worked out prices with local offices so you will know exactly what you are going to pay. No mailbox surprises for you.

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Let’s Partner Together In Your Health

($998 value included with your initial sign up)

Medication Analysis & Cost Reduction Review
($199 value)

Let’s review the medications you are currently taking, we want to make sure that they are necessary and that you are getting the best price. Our patients have received extensive savings on their prescription medications, and we want that for you too.

60-minute Health & Wellness Initial Consultation
($250 value)

Tell us your GOALS, we will LISTEN to you and get a clear picture of your current health and what you want to achieve in your overall health.

Medical History
($199 value)

We will review your current and past medical records and document your health history going forward. This will provide us with a clear picture of the past so we can best serve your future needs.

Comprehensive Health Exam & Lab Screening
($350+ value)

This allows us to create a comprehensive preventative plan that keeps you healthy and living your best life.

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