Meet Helen

Helen Tackitt DNP, RN, FNP-BC, NE-BC has over 15 years experience as a nurse practitioner providing high quality care in a number of practice settings. It has always been her dream to open her own practice where she can spend the time needed with her patients instead of being forced to rush them through clinic. She believes a personal and understanding relationship between the patient and their healthcare provider is important and it cannot be rushed. Helen’s work at the Cleveland Clinic as Director of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in the Taussig Cancer Center and as a Director of Clinical Practice and Education in the Duke Cancer Network made her aware of the gaps in Primary Care services for Cancer Survivors. Survivorship Primary Care that addresses the unique needs and monitors the treatment specific risks of Cancer Survivors became her passion. Direct Primary Care Mebane offers an array of primary care services to all patients, individuals and families, with no co-pays and no rush.

What's "Direct Primary Care Mebane"?

Put simply, Direct Primary Care Mebane is a flat fee monthly healthcare membership that focuses on prevention and physical and mental well-being without the middle man. For a low fixed monthly fee, patients get unlimited access to their primary care provider. There are so many advantages that stem from this model that many patients prefer DPC even when they have medical insurance.

Did you know that fees for DPC service are often lower than the annual cost of copays and coinsurance for office visits, labs, and prescriptions. Schedule a meeting with Helen Tackitt  to talk about your needs and ask about pricing.