Frequently Asked Questions

The Functional Medicine care model offers a patient-centered approach to discovering why you are ill. Once we know this, we can correct imbalances and restore your body to optimal health. 

Functional Medicine providers listen to you and gather a detailed medical history. We look deeper into your biochemistry than traditional healthcare providers. This may include nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, stress, toxins, environmental allergens, genetics and your microbiome (bacteria living in and on your body). 

We use this knowledge to identify and treat illnesses that traditional medicine doesn’t understand: Mold Toxicity Chronic Lyme, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Inability to Lose Weight, etc. 

Once we identify your illness triggers, we customize a healthy living plan for you. Your personal plan addresses many aspects of your life: from physical needs, including nutrition, exercise and sleep, to mental and emotional stressors related to social, work and community life.

We also work with healthy patients for a metabolic evaluation to stay in optimal health and prevent illness.

Does insurance cover Functional Medicine?

Insurance does not cover Functional Medicine. Most Functional Medicine providers charge thousands of dollars upfront for an initial visit and follow ups. We want everyone to have access to Functional Medicine care, so we created an affordable membership-based model.

Our Functional Medicine membership costs $150 per month with an initial 6-month commitment. This helps us avoid having to charge our patients everything upfront. After 6 months, the membership continues month to month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice. Patients receive unlimited Functional Medicine visits during their membership without paying any additional costs or fees. 

No, our monthly membership covers unlimited office and virtual visits. We use for patient supplements. Patients purchase directly through them.

Our membership does not cover the cost of lab work. Patients can use their insurance or our discounted lab rates for any labs ordered through LabCorp. 

There are Functional Medicine labs that LabCorp does not offer. We get discounted rates with these labs too, but most are not covered by insurance.

No, the Functional Medicine membership does not cover Primary Care. 

It depends. It is the patient’s responsibility to communicate with their HSA (Health Savings Account), MSA (Medical Savings Account), or FSA (Flexible Savings Account) benefit advisor to determine if the membership fees constitute eligible medical expenses that are payable or reimbursable under their plan. Any charges accrued from services rendered by the Practice that are denied by the Patient’s third-party payer remain the Patient’s responsibility and must be paid in full by the Patient. 

Patients can cancel their membership at any time with 30 days’ notice. They will be charged the fair-market value of their appointments, minus any payments made. The initial consultation is $1000 and follow-up appointments are $450 each.  

Late payments are charged a $25 late fee. After 30 days of non-payment, patients are no longer members of the practice. If still within the 6-month contract, patients who do not pay for their remaining months are sent to collections for the fair-market value of the services rendered, minus any payments made.

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