Kidney Stone Management

Patients who develop kidney stones suffer severe pain and urinary symptoms. They also suffer anxiety over future attacks and financial concerns. The average cost of kidney stone surgery is $17,400 but can be as much as $35,800. Patients may suffer numerous kidney stones in their lifetime. Stones that pass on their own may cause narrowing of the ureter. This often causes future health issues such as infections and loss of time at work. 

Direct Primary Care Mebane can help determine why a patient is developing kidney stones, and help prevent future stone formations. We will review your health history and order urine testing. You will receive a personalized analysis showing what causes your kidney stones. Based off of this, Direct Primary Care Mebane will guide you through lifestyle modifications or prescribe medications to help. This urinalysis costs $165.00. If you have insurance, your insurance may cover the price of this test.

Inflammation colored in red of young Woman suffering Spine or kidney pain