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How to Open Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice: A guide to setting up, opening and managing a successful direct primary care practice

The world of healthcare is changing, creating a variety of opportunities for healthcare providers to explore the expanding world of healthcare entrepreneurship. This book is a step-by-step manual of everything you need to know to successfully set up, open, and grow your own Direct Primary Care Practice.

We wrote this book based on our experiences, good and bad, opening our own successful Direct Primary Care Practice. We had moved to a small town far from where we lived, we didn’t know anybody there, we had no friends or family around, and we opened our own DPC practice from scratch. We have built it from the ground up into a very successful, unbelievably rewarding, and extremely profitable practice.

This is the book we wish we had when we started this journey.

There are two very different sides to every DPC practice: The Business Side and the Medical Side. Most of us have experience in the Medical side. Very few have had experience in the business side of healthcare. This book is for you.

The Business Side of your Practice:

We give you lists of the many business and legal documents needed to legally open and effectively run your DPC, including state, federal, and professional requirements. We include information on creating yourpractice’s legal structure (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) and important information about membership documents. We explain the professional relationships your DPC will need to thrive. We outline which office supplies you need and include important information about your practice’s websites and SEO.

  • Our Professional Business Plan. This book contains a copy of the professional business plan we wrote and used successfully to obtain a business loan to open our DPC. Copy it and make it your own!
  • How to Market your DPC: We discuss marketing techniques that worked for us and include a list of marketing materials required to successfully promote your DPC.

We cover these and many other important topics such as accessory clinical income streams, collaborative practice agreements, proper clinic staffing and what to do about hiring employees.

But all of that is only half the story!

The Medical Side of your practice:

We give you lists of the clinical documents needed and policies required to comply with state, federal, and professional authorities. We include needed medical supplies and how to get them at an affordable price. We provide information on the medical equipment you need, and the equipment you don't need to waste your money on. We also discuss the importance of a good Electronic Medical Record System and how it can save money over hiring an employee.

  • Should you take insurance or not? What about Medicare or Medicaid? Cost Sharing Plans? FSAs? HRAs? We provide a list of tax-preferred healthcare funding options and guidance on what you legally can, and cannot, accept through a DPC.

We firmly and unequivocally believe in the value and importance of Direct Primary Care. It is the wave of the future in healthcare and we are excited to do everything we can to help make you a successful part of that exciting future!